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Trying to reach Harry Potter? Leave a message here.

* Owl
* Floo Call
* Spelled black paper (mostly from Draco)
* Magic Mirror

He'll get back to you as soon as he's able.
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Dark Marks with [personal profile] circumpolar
Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were best friends until the wizarding world was thrown into darkness with Voldemort's rise. Torn between loyalties, they drifted. Now on the eve of Harry's wedding to Ginny Weasley, Draco returns.

✻ o1: Hello, old friend
✻ o2: Holidays in a new life


The Fantastic 20's with [personal profile] nonverbals
Six years after the war and once more, Harry Potter's life is thrown into chaos. This time in the form of Percival Graves and the rising Dark Lord Grindlewald.

✻ o1: An Unexpected Change.


Hogwarts AU / Slytherin with [personal profile] circumpolar & [personal profile] darklydangerous
How does being sorted into Slytherin change things? Turns out, a lot. Voldemort wants a meeting and what Voldemort wants, Voldemort usually gets. Dark!Harry AU

✻ o1: Voldemort.
✻ o2: Hello, Harry.
✻ o3: Lessons in not teasing a Dark Lord
✻ o4: So about that text...


Untitled with [personal profile] slytherincoffee
Friendships become...something more? Let's see where this goes.

✻ o1: Weekly Meeting
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Continued from here

Harry slept deeply and content once he heard the softly spoken words from the Dark Lord. He dreamt of Draco. Of Tom. Of the three of them together.

The night had been a revelation for Harry Potter. He had known, from that first meeting with Tom Riddle, that things were changing.

Course, he had changed.

But the truth was, even though he and Draco had talked about it (at length), he never actually seriously considered that the Dark Lord would be attracted or have a desire for them. More specifically, him. Oh Draco was an attractive man to be sure, there was no doubt. But considering the history the Dark Lord and he had? He hadn't been 100% certain.

Tonight changed all of that.

He only stirred once he heard the door opening to his bedroom and felt a sleepy smile tug on his mouth. "Mm Draco?"
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Harry looked up from where he was leaning over a wand he was repairing and looked toward the fire where the head of one of his best friends was floating there. "Malfoy - what are you --"

"What the bloody hell is the point of giving you a phone if you don't even use it or hear it when it rings?!"

He frowned and set aside his work before walking over to the fire place. "What got your knickers in a twist?"

"You're needed at St. Thomas in London. There was an explosion. Blaise --"

Draco didn't need to say anything more. With a flick of his wand, Harry transported the wand into a vault, changed his robe for something more muggle friendly and closed up shop. "I'm leaving now." It couldn't wait a minute longer before finding her and seeing if she was okay.

He wasn't sure what would happen if she wasn't okay.

It took thirty minutes before Harry was rushing into St. Thomas. He ran to the admission desk and asked to see Blaise Zabini.

If anything had happened to her... well... fuck, no he couldn't think like that. She would be okay.

She had to be.

It took a little bit of time but finally he was shown to the waiting room and told the doctor would be out to see him shortly. Bloody fuck.


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