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Harry slept deeply and content once he heard the softly spoken words from the Dark Lord. He dreamt of Draco. Of Tom. Of the three of them together.

The night had been a revelation for Harry Potter. He had known, from that first meeting with Tom Riddle, that things were changing.

Course, he had changed.

But the truth was, even though he and Draco had talked about it (at length), he never actually seriously considered that the Dark Lord would be attracted or have a desire for them. More specifically, him. Oh Draco was an attractive man to be sure, there was no doubt. But considering the history the Dark Lord and he had? He hadn't been 100% certain.

Tonight changed all of that.

He only stirred once he heard the door opening to his bedroom and felt a sleepy smile tug on his mouth. "Mm Draco?"
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He came in as softly as he could, yet making a point of closing the door with a small click. With all they had been through, he suspected it would be enough sound to wake Harry without scaring him.

Or so he hoped.

So when it worked, he couldn't help but smile.

"It's me," he murmured, pausing to toe off his shoes, draping his jacket over a chair as he came over, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Didn't mean to wake you."
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That made Draco smile, shifting a bit closer so that he rested his back against the headboard, nestling himself in against Harry a bit more. "Typical. Questions. Hints. I was told that eventually I was going to have to consider a more... normal life," he admitted, laughing softly. "Grandchildren were mentioned, carrying on the Malfoy name," he added, rolling his eyes which was a gesture that might well be heard in the dark.

"I think there were hints that I should keep you on the side," he added with a snort.
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His arm slid around Harry's shoulder, stroking along the curve of his arm and up along his shoulder. "I think my dad does, but Mum? She wants my life to be the sort that is acceptable to the wizarding world. Living with my best friend doesn't mean we're more than friends to her," he said with a sigh. "One day I'll tell her. Not about you, exactly, but me."

He had no interest in Pansy, or anyone else, and marriage and kids. And he was dating an old wizarding family, after all.

"You aren't on the side, except that you are literally currently curled up at my side, but that is the only side you're going to be on," he admitted.

That got a small sound. "Oh? Who was that?"
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He chuckled. "I don't think he's told my father anything, but I am not sure what to think about that entirely. He likely has told them that Draco and Harry were certainly on Tom's side now, but he doubted that Tom had mentioned the intimacy they had shared.

So he paused when Harry made that admission. "He..." He swallowed, thinking about what he had shared with Tom. "You should know, Harry. He came to visit me once. I... I mean, it was when you and I were first... And I..."

He swallowed hard against the lump in his throat, scared Harry would be upset with him. "He didn't hurt you, did he?" That mattered most right now, didn't it?
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"He..." He took a breath, exhaling softly, looking down and away. "I should have told you myself. I just... I couldn't take the chance..." His arm tightened around the other man, moving to pull him in closer to him as if afraid he was going to move away from him because of all of this. "I won't lose you," he whispered. If he had to chose between the Dark Lord and Harry, Draco knew the choice he would make.

He also knew his fear of what would happen to either of them if he made that choice known.

"Are you... Are you certain?" He wouldn't expect Harry to make a choice, nor would he fault Harry. He knew what it was like to be attracted to the Dark Lord, but he also had that fear that came from his family's treatment and never feeling as if he was going to be first in someone's life. Even second, but that was something he wouldn't share with others.
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Coming together as they had was a danger when they started. Even now it could be. Because of where their life was going, and who they were siding with. Even if they weren't being intimate with him, they had to be careful in the long run.

"Hey. Hey. No. Never," he said, voice hard and fierce, almost angry. Not to even imagine hearing that from the mouth of the man he loved. "You don't think that's possible, do you? You're not worried I would abandon you?"

Except as he asked it, the tone he used, he truly worried that Potter thought he might leave him.

"I won't lose you." He said that in firm terms, no hesitating. "Not even for the Dark Lord. As for the... the intimacies? He's the Dark Lord, and he says things about how he feels about us," he said, not sure how to find the right words, unsure if Riddle had said the same things to Harry or not. "But based on that, I need us to be together, and us, and to hae everything we should always have. Us. Together."


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